The Best elliptical bike

There is a controversy as which is the best elliptical bike: the inertia front or rear wheel. Formerly, there was consensus on the inertia placed at the rear wheel. Besides high-end manufacturers manufactured exclusively elliptical machines with the inertia placed at the rear wheel. But lately some of them have started making models with inertia positioned at the front wheel.

The story of the elliptical

Why are there two types of elliptical trainers ? When the company Precor has arrived with the first elliptical, they had the patent on the technology with the inertia placed at the rear wheel. The only alternative was to have a different design of the device. The only way of not achieving the patent was to build the same device, but by placing the flywheel at the front. Thereafter several companies have circumvented the patent by developing their own technology to use the wheel to the rear. And others like NordicTrack  paid to use their technology.

Fly wheel or rear wheel?

Following on a bike with the wheel on the back to give you the feeling of jogging or walking. While with the wheel at the front you will rather leaning forward.
Some say you get a better training session with the machines with rear wheel while others will tell you otherwise. To find the same cardiovascular with elliptical before flywheel bike, you need to increase the resistance of the device.
One benefit of elliptical rear wheel is the unit fewer moving parts. Therefore, there are fewer parts that require maintenance.


  • Both technologies have their advantages and disadvantages. The most important is to avoid cheap devices. Here are some rules to follow when buying an elliptical trainer:
  • Following: Look for an exerciser with at least 18” stride. For those larger, you should rather opt for a stride at least 20’’. Several devices offer the adjustment of stride length to fit people of all sizes. Be careful, you will see that cheap bikes tend to be oval rather than elliptical stride.
  • Fluid motion: The device has a cheaper and lighter wheel which tends to give a jerky movement. Choose an elliptical trainer with a wheel at least 20 books and more. They will give you a more fluid movement.
  • Stability: Once again the least expensive exercisers are lighter and are less stable. There are two factors that influence the stability of a device: the design of the base and the weight of the unit. You do not want a device that moves when you use it. Stability is more important for heavier people.
  • All: You obviously want to get the best quality from your budget. Do some research on the reputation of companies as the quality of their product to their after-sales service?
  • In conclusion, the best elliptical bike will be one you will feel better. Go out and test different devices and buy the best one according to your budget.

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